Students’ Affairs Office


Immediate accomplishment of the administrative, organizational and current activities connected with studying is made through The Student’s Affairs Office. The registration and the enrollment of the students is done through this service, i.e the documents which is needed for enrollment is delivered to this service.

The direction and the control of the regularity, the directness, the technical organization and the regularity of these activities are an immediate obligation of this service and also other like: registering of partial exams, exams, scientific papers, Bachelor of Art Thesis, MA Thesis, and PhD Thesis, registering and regulating terms, acquiring confirmations, certificates and other appropriate documents which are necessary for the students, accomplishment of the communication in order to receive explanations, precise answers and concrete questions and relations. The Service works throughout the whole day, functions according to separate and specific activities, i.e studying groups, years and directions, i.e cycle of studies and concrete activities (submitting applications, requests, forms for registering exams and documents).

Biljana Velickovic


Student affairs office is the place where the students find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems related to studies, teaching process, partial exams, professors and other administrative issues. Our objective is to create a system for solving the formal responsibilities of the students, in which they would be least involved. With the introduction of a computerised system for exams registration is a real alleviation for the students and contributes to respect deadlines.


There are no long queues at the student affairs office and all of the administrative issues are completed as fast as possible. There is an employee 12 hours per day, from 8.00 to 20.00 on weekdays and on Saturday.

If you need more information dial

+389 2 3202 100, +389 2 3202 101 or +389 2 3202 111