The students can accomplish their common interests, protect their rights, develop and satisfy their cultural needs, sports and other facilities, the scientific-technological works through The Student’s Organization at The European University – Republic of Macedonia. The Student’s Organization accomplishes and develops cooperation in all fields with students and students’ organizations from RM and from abroad and considers and values the current questions which are from interest and significance to the students.

The following departments are within the frames of the functioning of this organization:

Sports section

Within the framework of SOEURM there will be a body related to sport which is going to be established with a mission to engage the students into sports activities. The idea is based on the motto “healthy spirit, healthy body”. This body will work on organising sports activities that will activate not only the students, but the teachers as well. This will enable closer communication between them on a different, informal level.

Long-term objectives of the sports section:

  • Students’ socializing and stimulation of competitive spirit
  • Closer communication between the students and the teachers on an informal level
  • Strengthening of students’ fitness
  • Promotion of sport as fun and relaxation

Short-term objectives:

  • Organising our own basketball and football league, meaning that there will be competitions through the whole academic year.
  • Participation of the best teams in competitions between different universities.

International cooperation section

Improving the quality of the work of the SOEURM and increasing EURM students’ opportunities may best be achieved by sharing and exchanging experiences and know-how with students from foreign universities. That is exactly why the following necessary goals will be implemented:

  • International promotion of the EURM and the SO of the EURM
  • Establishing partnership with student organizations from universities from the Balkans, Europe and USA
  • Participation in international student movements through membership in international students’ organizations
  • Realization of joint projects, seminars and conferences.

Entertainment section

This is one of students’ favourite sections, due to the informality and entertainment offered.The aim of this section will be to enhance students’ social life through organising various fun activities, which will relax us from every day student life. Planned activities are the following: New Year’s Party, All Day Happening and graduation party.

Debate club

Through the establishment of the debate club there has been an opportunity for the students to express their opinion, to contribute to problem solving in the society through a constructive and argumentative approach. This debate club is a mutual project of SOEURM and MOF. The students are given the opportunity to work on the British and American parliamentary debate. There are such debate clubs at most of the universities in Europe and the USA, and this debate club ihas been the first of its kind in the Republic of Macedonia. The debate club has achieved the following goals:

Long-term objectives

  • stimulating students’ critical thinking
  • developing research, analytical and creative abilities
  • listening to and accepting opposite opinions related to controversial issues,  i.e. improving the skills in reaching a consensus.
  • application of the acquired knowledge and abilities in taking exams and acquisition of experiences and qualities necessary for students’ future and professional development.


Short-term objectives:

  • training of more than 30 students to understand the basics of debating skills
  • organising and participating in various events.
  • organising debate tournaments within the university
  • participation in international tournaments organized by university debate clubs from Europe and USA;
  • organising seminars for public speaking and debate
  • organising events at which important people would be present and controversial questions would be discussed and different attitudes would be expressed.

IT section

This section has been focused on the IT function of SOEURM. It includes promotion and presentation of SOEURM through certain web sites, forums etc. as well as increase of the efficiency of the services intended for the students and the employees in EURM.