Faculty of Law

The mission of the Faculty of Law as part of a system of institutions that not only prepare cadres, but also significantly affect the professionalism and quality of legislation, the structure of the apparatus of public administration, especially the judicial system, is to provide high quality education in the field of law, equal to the best educational institutions in Europe and worldwide. By applying the highest standards, the faculty provides an essential introduction to the concept of law, its adoption by the students, development of their creativity, and prepares them for practical application of the regulations.Three-years studies - Studies that are organized at the Faculty of Law, these are first cycle undergraduate legal studies lasting three years or six semesters. With their completion a student gets at least 180 credits and obtained the professional title "lawyer". With three years of study or 180 ECTS and the title "lawyer" the students shall be eligible to perform routine and administrative tasks and duties, the level of officer or lower rank jobs and status in the organizational context and in terms of income (wages, benefits, privileges). With such studies there are limited opportunities for career advancement, students passing these studies are not eligible for taking state bar exam and will not be able to work as notaries, lawyers, judges, prosecutors and so on.Four-years studies - Study programs for professional legal studies of second cycle, graduate legal studies, including at least 60 credits for one year (two semesters) or four academic years or eight semesters. With their completion, together with the completed first cycle and a completion of a final graduate thesis, a total of 240 credits are acquired and the student acquires the professional title "Bachelor of Law". Graduates with four years and acquired 240 ECTS can advance in their career, with the right of taking state bar exam and thus be eligible for additional professions (judges, lawyers, notaries, prosecutors).Fifth-years studies - The Faculty of Law organizes second cycle studies comprising 120 credits - postgraduate professional studies, that last two years (four semesters). Requirement for such studies is the student to previously obtain 240 credits, or four academic years or eight semesters. Upon their completion and the completion of a professional master's thesis, the student acquires 300 credits and the professional title "Master of Laws". With 300 ECTS and the title "Master of Law", people can achieve the same career as the ones with four years of studies, but can achieve faster career growth with less work experience in the relevant field and acquire the rights and opportunities for managerial and coordinative roles and public functions within their legal profession .ECTS of these studies and their high compatibility with studies of this kind in the European and world centers of science allows the students transfers to universities worldwide.