Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics provides students with a first, second and third cycle of education in Information Technology, that is in programming, systems engineering, computer networks and communications, database administration, web design and multimedia. The mission of the Faculty is to produce highly-educated individuals who will be capable of responding to the society’s demands in this field and will continue to keep up with the dynamic development of the pervasive information technology. We achieve this through modern study programs – compliant with the highest European standards, modern laboratories, classrooms and amphitheatres, including systems for long-distance teaching and other teaching devices that enable quality in both theoretical and practical teaching, as well as high quality professors and lecturers, who are fully dedicated to the students and their success.The quality of studies is also stimulated by the organization of competitions in the fields of programming and application software. An additional motive for the students is the opportunity to publish their most successful seminar papers or parts of graduate papers. In cooperation with the economy and through an obligatory and active practice, the faculty offers job opportunities to its first cycle graduates. The graduates from the second cycle see the annual Conference on IT for Young Researchers (CITYR), which is organized by the Faculty, as another motivating factor. It is their first opportunity for a scientific and professional public appearance. The Faculty of Informatics organizes specialized workshops on current issues from the field of informatics, in which, besides the teaching staff of our faculty and guests from other scientific institutions and the economy, our graduates take part as well.