Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry as part of the European University Republic of Macedonia aims to enable the students – future dentists to apply their knowledge from the field of preventive, curative and restorative dentistry efficiently and professionally.Therefore, we propose a curriculum that is relieved of all superfluous disciplines irrelevant to the profiling of the future dentists. Certainly, these studies provide students with the necessary knowledge from the fundamental educational disciplines, as well as from the areas of other medical sciences. In other words, the curriculum contains subjects taught at related colleges in the EU countries and other developed countries.Thus, the theoretical and practical aspects of this educational programme offer efficient and efficacious studying which will result in the production of successful dentists.The purpose of dentistry is, above all, to maintain the health and functioning of the masticatory system as well as the integrity of the orofacial region; this way it takes part in the maintaining of one’s general health care and psychosomatic stamina.Prof. Slavjanka OdzaklievskaDean of the Faculty of Dentistry - EURM