EURM Careers Office

The Career Office

The Faculties of the European University are in permanent contact with companies in order to enable the students adequately to fulfill the requirements of the companies recruiting future managers. The Career Office enables cooperation with the business sector and offers students internship opportunities, it offers information regarding scholarships, and after graduation it gives assistance at employment and follows their career development.

With this, we open up infinite possibilities for each student to test their theoretical knowledge and apply it in various domestic and foreign companies, both in Macedonia and abroad.

Employment opportunities

The Faculties at The European University are in a permanent contact with the rest of the business world in order to enable the students to satisfy the needs of the companies which recruit future managers adequately. The Career Centre provides cooperation with the business sector and directs the students to practical work, follows the information for scholarships, and after graduating offers help in the employment and follows their development in the career.

The Students are able to acquire knowledge through practical work and to meet personally their future partners and employers.

An indefinite number of possibilities are made by this and each student can test his/her theoretical knowledge and apply the same practically in different home and foreign companies, not only in Macedonia, but also abroad.

Practical training

In order to bring practical education to its students, the European University has contracts and agreements with numerous companies and establishments. More information about the practical training on each faculty is in the following links:


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