Why European University – Republic of Macedonia?

Dear Colleagues,

It is not easy to determine your future profession!

We recommend you a good reconsideration and to make a decision by yourself! If you decide to enroll at the European University – Republic of Macedonia, you have a good opportunity to become a successful economists, lawyers, IT-engineers, dentists, politicians, detectives, managers, bankers, fashion designers, graphic designers…..with one word you have a chance to become an educated and capable man in front of whom all prospects are opened.

The European University – Republic of Macedonia organizes modern teaching process for your needs, as well as competent staff, the most sophisticated equipped teaching rooms in the centre of the city….Also, The European University offers a wealthy student’s life, a lot of seminars, trips, friendships, love and other students’ needs and it continuously creates an atmosphere which focuses on the student with its strength. The approach to the student is individual, personal, through work in small groups and with direct contact with the professor.

Be among the best!