European University – Republic of Macedonia

From our beginnings,

The History of The European University –Republic of Macedonia begins with the foundation of The Faculty of Social Sciences in 2001. The activities at The European University were recognized on 01.06.2005 when it was accredited by The Accreditation Board of Republic of Macedonia. Based on that, The European University-Republic of Macedonia is the first and the only private accredited university in the region which offers a modern education and which permanently develops and awards the process of acquiring knowledge according to the modern world educational trends.







What’s unique about EURM?

Knowledge is forever!

Today The European University is a modern high-educational institution, which permanently promotes its educational, staff and material base. The University provides staff support in the realization in the process of transition of the system.

Focus on the student

The students come first at Our University. We are here because of them and their future.  We are aware that the best high school students are these that would like to come to better positions and competitive advantage based on the knowledge-and they are the ones that choose exactly The European University. Our responsibility towards them is big. Because of that we put them on the first place, proving that with enrolling at European University they have made the right choice. That is also confirmed with our permanent contacts during their studying, but also after graduating. We took care of the rooms that the students are going to study and in which they are going to spend their time while being at The University. The amphitheatre, the computing labs, the lecture rooms and the library are equipped in a modern and functional way, so a comfortable atmosphere and a pleasure is provided during their stay at The University. The teaching process is preformed with the highest informational and audio-visual technology, which helps them in acquiring new knowledge, as well as in the work of the teaching staff.

Professional expertise

The knowledge, which is necessary to be transferred by us, requires top-skilled professors, lecturers an associates which The University chooses carefully. Also, The University takes care of the professional development and improvement of all employees. The knowledge which is needed to be transferred to the students needs top professors, lecturers and associates. The University takes care of selection, professional development and improvement of all employees.


European University Rulе Books are available in Macedonian only and can be found on the Macedonian version of this website.

For the day-to-day necessities, we offer a bookshop, a convenience store, banking and postal services, a food court, restaurand and several cafés. We’re also only a short walk from Skopje Shopping Centre.